B Sc Elect & System [Sussex], MIEM


Meor began his career with the Public Works Department [PWD] Malaysia soon after graduating from the University of Sussex, UK in Electrical and System Engineering in 1979. He started as an Electrical Engineer with the PWD in 1979 and has held various positions at Branch levels, State levels [seconded to State of Selangor Waterworks Department for 6 years] and then back to Headquarters where he last served for 6 years as Assistant Director of the Electrical Branch, heading the design group in various educational projects. He opted for early retirement from the Government in February, 1998 to venture into a related industry with a family organization. He had, by then, more than 18 years experience in all aspects of electrical engineering specializing in managing, design, operation and maintenance of low voltage electrical installation [infrastructure and internal], high voltage installation [infrastructure and internal], electrical motor installation, telecommunication system and extra low voltage [ELV] systems. He was involved in formulating the standard specifications for internal electrical installation to be used by PWD nationwide; training programmes for young engineers, technical assistants and technicians, including for other disciplines that require some knowledge of electrical engineering; written related engineering guidelines and produced standard drawings which are still being used till today.

He is a professional engineer registered with the Board of Engineers [BEM], Malaysia.

In June 2000, he started his own engineering consultancy firm, Juru & Teras Bersekutu Sdn Bhd [JTB], specializing in mechanical and electrical engineering services [including audiovisual and acoustics] and has been the Principal Engineer since. With years of work experience put together in the building industry, he steers JTB to excellence by ensuring the firm’s high level and efficient services. For more than 16 years since JTB operated, he had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of projects, big and small, ranging from government buildings and institutions of higher learning, to private housing, commercial and industrial projects.